Depending on the size, design and family of the product, the sinks may include different accessories. Please consult the list of models in which the accessories included with each product are specified.

Why you should choose a FRINOX stainless steel diswash?

MORE RESISTANT: more resistant than porcelain or forged iron, more suffered than composited ones. Won’t splinter nor cracking.

KEEPS ITS SHINE: doesn’t rust, doesn’t stain nor fade. Handmade polishing, scratchproof and keeps its shine more time than other materials.

SOFTEN IMPACT EFFECT: the stainless steel absorbs the impact from glasses or dishes to prevent its rupture.

EASE TO KEEP CLEAN: the stainless steel keeps its original shine to be cleaned with home classic cleaning products and a soft cloth. Also is an aseptic surface therefore the health centers prefers the stainless steel.

MORE TUB CAPACITY: the solidity and flexibility of the stainless steel lets deeper tubs, more useful space than available space in the porcelain ones or forged iron ones.

DECORATIVE COMPLEMENT: clear textures and lines that reflects the color, and design around. The stainless Steel is a decorative complement that is always fashion.

Maintenance is simple and will guarantee that your product is kept in perfect condition over time. Consult the advantages of this material by choosing the product of your preference and downloading the file “Cleaning Guide” below:

Cleaning Guide

Also you can download the manual to a right instalation of the Dishwashes Frinox

Instalation Manual Dishwashes

Instalation Manual Embed Dishwashes 

Yes. All products are manufactured in different types and calibers of stainless steel, depending on the model.

Yes. Send us an email to ventas@mafecaop.com and we will gladly attend your request.

Send an email to ventas@mafecaop.com and we will send you the authorized stores nearest to you.

Send an email to ventas@mafecaop.com and we will gladly send you a sales representative to attend your needs.

Send an email to ventas@mafecaop.com and we will gladly send you a sales representative to attend to your needs.

The installation can be carried out by installers recommended by the store where the product was purchased, or by the installer of your choice.

Call the establishment where you purchased the product in order to channel their claim. If there is no response, you can channel your claim by sending an email to ventas@mafecaop.com

All models of sinks and faucets have a 1 year warranty